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Saturday, 14 June 2014

A message to my Priory peers.

I've been a member of the P.o.S. for a few months now. I've tried to be as productive as I can in that time: I've published a Priory-related book and I've done a few other assignments related to my training.

I'm idle at the moment, hence this blog post, but I hope to be on another assignment soon. The purpose of this post is to officially declare my allegiance to the organisation.

I understand that some of my peers within the Priory disagree with me being so quickly promoted to the rank I now have. I don't blame them: I'm much younger than many of them, I'm inexperienced and I'm still learning exactly what the Priory's aims are. If any of you, my peers, are reading this, I would ask for your patience and tolerance as I make my way through my training. I hope to meet many of you in the near future, and I hope that I'll prove to be a valuable asset to the organisation.

Your friend,
Paul Wylie, P.o.S.

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