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Friday, 19 August 2016

What Sarah Eshua saw.

Here follows the account of Sarah Eshua, who claims to have witnessed the business of a secret society called [REDACTED]. This account was transcribed from an audio recording made by the Police of Southwark in August 2003. 


D.I. Cray: Thanks for coming in, Sarah. The red light that you just saw indicates that this interview is being monitored. Do you understand?

S.E.: Yes. 

D.I. Cray: Very good. I understand that you saw something distressing last night. Could you give us an account of what you saw, for the official record?

S.E.: Yes. . . Last night I was at a friend's party. He was celebrating a recent purchase, something he'd been after for a long time. 

D.I. Cray: What was it?

S.E.: A chalice, late Medieval design.About 5 inches tall. A few of the precious gems were missing from around the rim. 

D.I. Cray: I see. Please, go on.

S.E.: Anyway, yes, I left the party at around 11:00pm and made my way home. Everything was OK until I passed The Priory Church. I thought I saw someone. Someone away off in the distance. They were stooped over something that I couldn't see. It made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure why. 

Then something really odd happened. From somewhere behind me I heard a loud scream followed by shouting and then silence. The person ahead who was stooped over got up and headed off further up the lane. I didn't follow him. 

I decided to double back and take another route home. About halfway up the forest path I looked out across the lake. There were lights on the far side, moving through the woods. It might have been torches. About 15, maybe. They were coming my way. There might have been a car, too, but I'm not sure. 

I cut through the forest and made for my friend's house. I stayed the night there and... Came here to report it. That's all that really happened. Is that OK?

D.I. Cray: Yes, that's grand, Sarah. But can I ask some questions? Just routine stuff. 

S.E.: Sure.

D.I. Cray: The person you saw stooped over, did you think it was a man or a woman? 

S.E.: Definitely a man. You could tell by the way he was walking. 

D.I. Cray: OK. And, Sarah, this other group of people you think you saw. Did you get a good look at them?

S.E.: No. No, they were too far away. 

D.I. Cray: Thank you, Sarah. You're free to go. 

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