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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A review of Enoch Poss's latest dramatic endeavour...

This review of Enoch Poss's latest work: ENOCH: HANDSOME AND INTELLIGENT, was submitted to the editor of the Paper of Springfield by famed alchemist and gynaecologist, Dr. Peter O'Shaunessey. 


When a student of mine brought Enoch Poss's latest piece of dramatic drivel to my desk, I recall thinking "Oh dear. This will not be a good, well-rounded and impeccably structured piece of drama." 

Indeed, my preliminary supposition proved to be nothing less than the complete truth. To Enoch Poss, the notion of well-written prose is a foreign as a Frenchman in Florence. 

Anyone who has had the misfortune to read the innacurately titled "Enoch: Handsome and Intelligent" (He has never, and will never be either of those things) will understand how truly pandering the work is. It exists only as an exercise in self-appreciation of the most unnecessary and innacurate degree. What's worse is that the exclamation-strewn work reflects Poss's own high opinion of his meagre achievements.

The characters are one-dimensional and unbelievable. Especially Poss. The cavalier, swashbuckling suaveness that drips like maggots from a meaty fissure in diseased flesh, presents Poss as a Scarlet Pimpernell-esque hero who roams the land saving women who seem, despite their superficial problems, to be more concerned with swooning at the sight of Poss's bulging body parts than with seeking reparations and revenge upon the host of unnecessary and fleeting characters who further add to the nonsensical and overly complex plot.

This succinct review does not do justice to the abysmal work of Enoch Poss. It is by far-and-away his worst offering in the past decade. One wonders who exactly it is that encourages him to continue to write such nonsense. I speak for all fans of good theatre when I sincerely implore, "Enoch Poss, please, never pick up your pen, tap your typewriter or click your keyboard ever again. I also implore all purveyors of writing materials; pens, pencils, notebooks etc. to REFUSE service to Mr. Poss. Ban him from your establishments. Summom the authorities if he enters within a five foot radius of your door. Let us all unite to protect the good reputation of the theatre."

I remain your obedient servant and friend,

Dr. Peter O.Shaunessey, M.D. 

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