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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Poetry of Enoch Poss

Mr. E. Deitor, 

I, Enoch Poss (Hand. and Intel.), enclose here the first few poems of what I know will be the most successfull collection of romantic poetry to ever be published. 

I demand an advance of £600,000.00 to secure the rest of my astonishingly good poetry. 

Enoch, handsome and intelligent. 

-- Poem #1 --

I'm Enoch!
Sheathing my foot is a sock.
Shouldn't we stop and all take stock,
Of the handsomeness and intelligence of Enoch?

I'm Enoch!
My mind's as sturdy as a lock
That has no key, so get a rock
To smash the lock that's Enoch!

Great is Enoch!
Great and fair,
For poetry he has a flair
On the balcony and stair.

-- Poem #2 --

The flowers, true, are very pretty
And, yes, the sun is pretty bright
But I am pretty, and I'm witty!
And the sun's eclipsed by my great might.

I concur, the breeze is nice
And I enjoy the taste of chilli
But better yet than flavoured rice,
Is Enoch! "Who's he?!". Don't be silly!

Enoch is as summer rain,
Cascading down the barren hill;
Relieves all pained folk of their pain
And removes all ailed folk from their ill!

-- Poem #3 --

E - E is for Enoch: wise and fair.
N - N is for "Never have I seen a man so handsome!"
O - O is for "Oh my God! Enoch is so incomparably handsome!"
C - C is for "Can you even imagine anyone as impeccably dressed as Enoch?!"
H - H is for "Hell's bells! Enoch sure is accomplished and handsome!"


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