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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Act III, Scene XVII

Act III, Scene XVII 

The curtain opens on Dr. Olongo, Ms. Sheperoa, Prof. O'Sea, Lord and Lady E. Vill and Enoch, handsome and intelligent.

Prof. O'Sea: Truly, the intelligence of Enoch knows no equal. 

Enoch: Professor, you are a wise and learned man. But I am Enoch! No man's wit is sharper than mine, and your crudely fashioned psychological tricks will not dissuade me from my course... I know that one of... YOU!... Killed Ms. Penelope Shingle. 

Lord E. Vill: Poppycock. This Enoch is a rogue! A knave! An impertinent oaf more suited to shining shoes than to investigating murder. Now, please, get out of mine and my wife's way. We are very important, innocent people. 

Enoch: Not... So... Fast, Lord Vill. Where precisely were you when--

Dr. Olongo: Alas! Enoch is a cad. 

Ms. Shepeora: Dr. Olongo, please contain yourself! Enoch's great intelligence is at work. 

Lady E. Vill: Tish and pish, Shepeora. Enoch's a cad! Why, everyone has heard that.

The room erupts into loud chatter. Arguments concerning Enoch come from all sides. Ms. Shepeora and Lord E. Vill engage in a sword fight using decorative Art Deco lamps; Lady E. Vill sets fire to a settee and pushes it out of a window; Dr. Olongo strangles Prof. O'Sea with a length of wire and decapitates him. 

Enoch steps forward.

Enoch: ENOUGH!

The fight ends.

Enoch: Lo! See what your madness has done?! Prof. O'Sea's head is off his scrawny shoulders. Can my handsomeness truly mean so much?!... Dr. Olongo, when the power has been restored to the house, I intend to phone the Police to report this dastardly crime.

Lord E. Vill: Good idea, Enoch! I propose we viciously slaughter Ms. Shepeora next! 

Ms. Shepeora: Ha! No! Let's kill Lord E. Vill using this Baroque pillar! That will show him, the oaf.

Ms. Shepeora moves towards a giant pillar and tries to crush Lord E. Vill. She does not succeed.

Lord E. Vill: Dotard! That pillar is many thousand times your weight, you could not hope to move it!

Enoch:... This mystery deepens. 

End scene.

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