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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Who is Enoch?

Who is this mysterious "Enoch"? Who is writing a play about him? Why does this person keep referring to a chalice of late Medieval design? How can a play have over 500 Acts? 

These are the questions which have gripped the world... And now we have some answers. 


Q.1 - Enoch does not exist. He is a creation of an Irish writer called [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] based his character on an American English teacher. Neither [REDACTED] nor the English teacher could be reached for comment.

Q.2 - [REDACTED] is writing a play about Enoch. 

Q.3 - [REDACTED] is referring to this chalice because he read about it on the English teacher's website: - His motives are unclear.

Q.4 - No play has over 500 Acts. [REDACTED] will likely never finish it. 


Thanks to Prof. E.E. McMoriarty-Clementine XVI

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