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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Captain Derek Dingle's testimony.


Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: Mr. Dingle, is it true that you witnessed the crime?

Captain Dingle: Yes sir. I saw the whole thing.

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury:... And could you describe what you saw?

Captain Dingle: Certainly. It happened about three weeks ago. I was driving past the harbour and I stopped to buy something for my lunch... I was going fishing, you see. Anyway, I got out of the car and I saw [REDACTED] dancing a jig by the water's edge. He was holding a shiny... Like a shiny cup in his hand; the kind that Priests use.

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: You mean like a chalice? Or a goblet?

Captain Dingle: Yes, yes that's it. A chalice. 

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: Can you please describe this item for the court?

Captain Dingle: Sure. I'm no expert, I'm just a humble fisherman, but it looked like it was... And please, forgive me if I'm making a fool of myself here... It looked like a chalice of late Medieval design. There were a few precious stones stuck on: sapphires, rubies, diamonds and all that sort of thing. 

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: I see. Thank you, Mr. Dingle. Please continue.

Captain Dingle:... Continue describing the chalice?

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: No, no. Please continue your testimony. You were just describing the moment when you first saw [REDACTED] dancing by the water. Please, continue. 

Captain Dingle: Oh yes. Fine. Anyway, I saw him dancing with the cup and then [REDACTED] went over to him and they started to argue. [REDACTED] was trying to grab the... Chalice... from [REDACTED]'s hand, but he wouldn't let go. [REDACTED] then took the harpoon gun and shot [REDACTED] through the chest. He fell into the water and [REDACTED] dived in after him and grabbed the chalice. I ran back into the shop and called the police. [REDACTED] didn't try to get away, though, he just threw stones at passerby and told them that he would be very powerful soon. Then the police came and arrested him. I think he threw the chalice away into the water, but I can't be sure.

Mr. W. M. Billingsbury: Thank you, Mr. Dingle. You're free to go.

Mr. Dingle: Thank you. Goodbye. 

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