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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Francoís Monréaux -- Fr. Albert Rosilioni

FROM: Dr. Monréaux
TO: Fr. Albert Rosilioni


Father Rosilioni, thank you for the lovely gift which you enclosed in your last package. The '67 is an excellent vintage. 

I'm afraid that I am unable to help you, though. I haven't worked for the P.o.S. for over seven years. After the fire they moved the premises to the Far East, so it's not even the P.o.S. anymore, it's the P.o.E. -- As you can imagine, the change of initials led to great changes within the organisation. 

I'm afraid that I can't help much with your second request either. E., of the P.o.S. hasn't been seen in 5 years. I heard that he had moved away after the fire, and he was last seen in Paris at the turn of the Century. 

In any case, the P.o.S. doesn't signify what you think it does. All they really do is deliver mail and occasionally host historical re-enactments. 

Your friend,

Dr. Francoís Monréaux, MD, PhD. 

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